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Ipod Nano – Arrange Music & Upload Videos

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Ipod_screen_music-full;init_I recently got a brand new Ipod Nano as a gift from my girlfriend. I was quite thrilled with it and yet quite clueless on how to arrange music in it and how to upload videos.

Here is some advice from my learning curve:

Arranging Music

1.Create play lists and add songs to it. It’s just like putting music in folders on a PC. We are replacing folders with play lists here. Whenever you want to add music to your Ipod, just assign to some existing play list and on syncing it will be uploaded. For new play lists, you have to add them for syncing in the Music tab of Ipod.

2.For uploading music to Ipod, you will have to go through Itunes. In Itunes, you can select multiple songs at once and change the attributes of these songs. Attributes like genre, Album name, Artist name etc. It’s like bulk rename of files. This option comes when you right click after selecting song(s), simply choose ‘get info’ and change attributes at one go. This helps in arranging the music album wise, artist wise, genre wise etc.

Uploading Videos

Ipod supports MP4 files and so don’t worry if initially you are not able to upload any of your existing videos files on your new Ipod. It’s because they are not in MP4 format. So the answer is simple. Download a software that converts the files into MP4 formats. I found Videora Ipod Converter as very useful for this purpose. It’s a freeware and you can download it here.


One thought on “Ipod Nano – Arrange Music & Upload Videos

  1. Nice post there 🙂 but can you make a bit more informative as to just giving an idea of creating a sample playlist and any tips and tricks that you got to know from fellow iPod owners 😀

    I found the Videora software to be very useful for sure since a couple of my old music collection were in different formats.

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