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Life in a Metro


metro-2007-1b-full;init_Life in a Metro’s music is one of the better ones from the recent (not so recent though) releases in Bollywood. The music stays with you and is pleasant to hear every time you come back to it. All the songs are about relationships and beautifully worded and aptly composed.

The songs talk about both the highs and lows in relationships. In Dino is one the best tracks and makes you want to listen to it again and again. It’s a song about wanting the best in love. Another very impressive song is Alvida sung by KK. The song is about breakups and the KK has wonderfully captured the pain in the way he sings it. Rishtey is another highlight of this album

Other songs on this album are Kar Salaam; a fast paced song with a feel of rock music, Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si by Adnan Sami; a romantic number and O Meri Jaan by KK. The rest of the album has remixes of the same songs which are not very great and can be given a pass.

My favorites from this album are In Dino and Alvida. These are must hear and should be not be missed even if you decided to give a skip to the movie


2 thoughts on “Life in a Metro

  1. I liked the title song…the one with those 3 scary guys singing…the melody was good

  2. I think the song that you are refering to is ‘ In Dino’

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