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Medak Church – Asia’s largest and World’s second largest Diocese church


It was a breezy, pleasant February morning when we decided to head to Medak. The idea was to visit Medak’s Church which is World’s second largest Diocese church. As we have mentioned earlier, Hyderabad lacks proximity to short weekend getaways and thus a one-day trip to Medak Church is definitely an addition to the list.


Medak is some 100 KM’s from Hyderabad and lies just a few KM’s off the NH-7 or Medchal highway. We started early in the morning to avoid city traffic and took NH7 to continue on our way to Medak.The drive, though not very picturesque, was very smooth thanks to a well maintained highway. Unexpected encounters with fields of sunflowers in full bloom were quite heart warming and worth stopping by. A smooth drive, pleasant morning and bright smiling sunflowers helped us shrug off the sleepiness and we reached Medak Church at 10, wide awake and full of expectation.

Medak Church did not disappoint us.Asia’s largest and World’s second largest Diocese Church, it stands tall at 175 feet. Its foundation was laid in 1914 and took 10 years to complete. Gothic in style,\it is built with mosaic tiles of 6 different colors that were imported fromEngland.

Apart from the magnificence, what captures the attention are the wonderful stained glass windows inside the Church. These windows depict the different phases in the life of Lord Jesus Christ – Ascension, Nativity and Crucifixion. These windows were installed at different periods with Ascension in 1927, Nativity in 1947 and Crucifixion in 1958. Medak’s church is definitely not grand and it won’t make you wonder at its magnificence but the fact that it’s hidden in an entirely unexpected small city near Hyderabad is something that you might find unique.

Medak also has a fort built by Kakatiyas and later extended by Qutab Shahi rulers. We tried going to the fort but no one could give exact directions. We finally found some consensus among people on where the way to fort was and headed towards it. Only to be disappointed with a dead end. We finally gave up on it and proceeded to Edupayulu.
Edupayulu is 8-10 KM’s from Medak and has temple of Lord Shiva and Kanaka Durga. Edupayulu is supposed to be the origin point of river Manjeera. It is said that 7 rivers meet here to form river Manjeera (‘Edu’ in Telugu means 7). To our disappointment, there was no water to be seen anywhere. Making our way through monkeys that were all over the place, we reached the temple shrine and could not figure out where the temple was. There were some idols placed on tables and some construction work was going on. Maybe they were creating a temple. This marked the end of our trip to Medak and we headed back to Hyderabad.

To sum up the experience, Medak Church is the only place worth watching. You can skip the fort and Edupayulu.

Our take: Worth the effort but not a ‘Must’ visit.


3 thoughts on “Medak Church – Asia’s largest and World’s second largest Diocese church

  1. It was a nice drive. We must do this again sometime.

  2. I would love to worship in this magnificent church.

  3. It is a peaceful place………
    I would like to go again

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