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Design your own furniture – stool


StoolPics-fullThis article will be of interest to those who have time on their hand, some hidden artistic desire, urge to design their own furniture and an understanding girlfriend/wife. Any of the above will be good motivating factors for this project. Also, the last one if not present can cause problems.

Anyways…So on a day when the rains were hitting Hyderabad I bumped into roadside vendors selling some ‘not so fine’ furniture. Though the furniture was not great but I needed a small stool and so I bought one. Later I got this idea to paint it and give it a bit of design. So I decided to go ahead with a chess board design. The how-to for this project is as follows:


Material Required

1.Unfinished wooden stool

2.Wood Primer

3.Paint (Colors of your choice)


5.Sandpaper (medium and fine)

6.Wood Putty and Putty Knife


8.Some cloth

 Now you can start. Choose a sunny day when you are feeling full of energy (It will be tiring!)…

  1. First, fill in all the holes/gaps in the stool with the Wood Putty and leave the stool for drying. When the stool is dry, all the rough surfaces need to be smoothened with the Sandpaper. Use the medium Sandpaper first and then the Fine Sandpaper for finishing. Figure A shows the final result.
  2. Now you need to apply one coat of wood primer. You can make the Primer thinner by adding some turpentine, very little that is. Let the stool dry. Once dry, apply a second coat of primer and again let it dry. Figure B shows the final result.
  3. Now you are ready to paint the stool. Start painting the legs and the area under the stool first. Remember that the color’s and design is your choice. Once painted, let it dry and then apply another coat of color and let it dry. Figure C and D shows the final result.

Now you can turn to the interesting and creative part of the painting of stool i.e. the top base. Choose your design. I chose Chessboard look. To draw a chessboard, use a ruler and pencil to draw squares. (Getting all 64 squares is not the key; design is). Having traced the design, start painting the squares with alternate colors and let it dry. Apply a second coat and let it dry.

Enjoy the stool, take pictures!

 This entire project costed me between Rs. 300-350. So with some creativity and color I turned around a Rs. 50 stool into what you see below.



2 thoughts on “Design your own furniture – stool

  1. This is so nice…I’d love to do something like this. I’m so waiting for updates on your next project with that wooden coffee table we’d salvaged from office basement. 🙂

  2. I am planning to do a similar post for the table when it gets ready

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