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Babel-full;init_I have tried twice to watch Babel, a film directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. In my first attempt I could not understand the movie because the Subtitles were not working for some weird reason. In my second attempt I could not understand the movie even though the subtitles were working! With a fear of being called dense I must confess that I just didn’t get what the director wanted to convey. Moreover the movie was painfully slow. My immediate verdict is that not much will be lost if this movie is skipped.

However, the movie has been nominated for Oscar awards in 7 categories with 1 win. It has won other awards too. So there has to be something about the movie. Moving ahead with this analogy, I am trying to point out what I could understand after much thought.

The movie depicts different cultures and people stuck in difficult situations. Babel picks different stories to depict – helplessness, sexual frustration, subdued anger, politicization of events and more. Babel won an Oscar for ‘Best Original Score’ (BTW why Best Original Score? Will they give an Oscar for Best Copied Score?) and it is definitely good.

Beyond this I have nothing more to say about Babel.


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  1. I’ve tried to watch Babel but couldn’t sustain much interest enough to continue after the 1st 20 mins. Btw the title of your post says “The Queen” and the post is on Babel 🙂

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