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Nancy Drew directed by Andrew Fleming


Thanks to we are watching movies that we would never go to the theatre for. One such movie that I was curious about was Nancy Drew (2007). Like lot of kids I started reading books with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys series. I had never seen an onscreen adaptation of the books so was wondering what it would be like.

Well, to be honest I was disappointed. Everything was wrong from the first frame. First of all, Nancy Drew, has always been an 18 year old, red-haired girl. So imagine my shock when I see a  16 year old brunette Nancy. Nothing against Emma Roberts, I am sure she was doing her job. But , you dont mess around with an iconic image.

Second mistake – the personality – all wrong. Nancy was always the cool, fashionable and ultra-smart character. And just because she was a 50’s character does not mean you have to retain that sense of style for a movie that is based in 21st century. Who was this perky, gawky and geeky teenager?

Even when you manage to get over the terrible costume and casting, there is no reason to really watch this movie. The mystery is mildly interesting. All cliched elements are there – old mansion, possibly haunted, missing will, strange caretaker…blah blah. The characters are too loud and the acting is just okay. The humour is the only saving grace of the movie.

Verdict : Totally avoidable


Author: Vipula

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3 thoughts on “Nancy Drew directed by Andrew Fleming

  1. Thanks for the review…now I wont bother putting this up in my queue.

  2. i’m a fan of nancy drew,harry potter and sophie’s world!

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