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Mamma Mia!


It is not often that musicals are ever produced in India so when I heard that Chennai’s The Hot Shoe Dance Company was presenting Mamma Mia in an auditorium nearby I jumped at the chance.

Now those who dont know , Mamma Mia is a famous broadway show that tells a story through ABBA songs and dance. The story is really very simple. Sophie, a 20 something is about to have her dream wedding at a lovely Greek island. Brought up by her unwed mother, Donna, Sophie is determined to find out who her dad is. With the help of her mother’s diary, Sophie, narrows it down to three men who might be her dad. She invites them to the wedding and all confusion ensues.
Well obviously Mamma Mia is not popular for its script. What is really interesting and after 1 hour into the show , also annoying, is that the whole story moves forward in songs and dance,literally. Now if you really love ABBA music you will love the show. But after the 10th song in one and a half hour one starts wondering….
Well anyway, that is a problem with the script and not the presentation. Well my first impression of this show by the aforesaid company  was that it was very ‘International’ . The dance company had put up beautiful props, lovely costumes and light and sound effects. The choreography was obviously the strength of the whole show. I really enjoyed the dance numbers. Overall I felt that the musical was nice but a little long. For instance they did not have to do the whole song for a situation – maybe a few stanzas would have moved the story forward.
Verdict : Only watch it if you like ABBA music

Author: Vipula

Before talking about who we are, we’d like to tell you a bit about how and why Shades of Words came into being. It all started with the idea of “A place where we could share with likeminded people about things we enjoy. From books to music to movies to travel; Shades of Words was to be a place about the best of our experiences” We thought about why should anyone read us? The answer was that whatever we review would be a mix of our experience of the thing along with interesting and useful information about it. So in case you are reading us regularly or even checking us out once in a while then we have succeeded in our efforts someway somewhere. Who are we? Known as Kapil Sood and Vipula Gupta, we thought of Shades of Words on one fine Sunday afternoon. Tired of writing interesting RFP’s and project documentation; we decided to give this a shot. Yes! We work in Indian IT industry. Cupid struck us while were innocently slogging together on the highly intricate job of formatting and beautifying documents! And since then, we have been working together to establish Shades of Words as a place that we can claim as ours. (Because buying a house is still years away!) What else? Kapil also writes some blogs which you can read here and here.

6 thoughts on “Mamma Mia!

  1. I could barely watch the movie although it got such rave reviews! Somehow I’d rather listen to the music than watch Meryll Streep or Pierce Brosnan dance around.

  2. would have been pretty boring in a movie. The only thing with the stage show is that its live and very dynamic – u are always wondering what next?

  3. Live performances are very exciting and a real treat in my view! There is extra magic there somehow…
    I can still remember the smell of the cotton dresses swishing in the production of Les Misérablest hat I saw many years ago now at the National Theatre in Washington DC. I can’t remember now if I thought it was wonderful or not. Sadly I do not get out to many theatre performances! I waited for the Mamma Mia film to come out on video. The scenery was gorgeous and I can watch Meryl Streep in anything! She did look like she was having a very good time and that made me happy in the process 🙂
    I enjoyed reading your take on the performance!

  4. patty – Thanks for your comments. There is something magical about live performances – I have attended concerts where I knew nothing about a band but still loved it. Infact, I just love going to restaurants where there is live performance. Theater is really small in Hyderbad..and I generally take an opportunity to attend every show that happens. I still have to watch the Mamma Mia movie though.

  5. A few days after I read this blog I saw the Mamma Mia show ad on TV and well its in the theaters here in October….. Im not sure which dance company is doing this show here.. But let me see If I can find out more about it..
    Though Im not a great fan of their Music, In case its convenient to watch may be I will….

  6. Priyanka – you are living in sydney babes – you have access to tonnes of more higher quality musicals – skip this and go and see Lion King or Mary Poppins

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