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It Happened in Italy by Elizabeth Bettina


It happened in ItalyIt happened in Italy. What happened in Italy? Italian people treated Jews nicely during the holocaust. That pretty much ends this book by Elizabeth Bettina. The moment you have understood this and appreciated it, which happens within first few pages, there is nothing more in the book to keep you hooked.

I was very excited to read this book because I wanted to know more about this piece of the history as it is a great tale of humanity. I am quite surprised of my ignorance of this wonderful story of how Italians saved so many lives by risking their own.  This book should have definitely been written and talked about so that world gets to know that there is always good amongst the evil. I am glad that I read this and could actually relate it to one of my own experience (When I was helped by a Muslim family during religious riots in India. I am a Hindu)

So as I said, this book should have been written. But it should have been written much more differently. While reading the book, I often kept feeling that I was reading someone’s blog about day-to-day happenings. It happened in Italy wastes a lot of time talking about operational parts of the story and thus leaves the reader high and dry when it comes to the actual story of holocaust.  Also, the ‘Story’ that is being shared through different people comes across as pretty much the same.

I must say that you will be thrilled to know that this all actually happened and is thus a wonderful book to read, if you can ignore the fact that it’s been written badly. Thanks to Thomas Nelson for publishing this book and spreading the word…Maybe we all just need to Give Peace A Chance…


5 thoughts on “It Happened in Italy by Elizabeth Bettina

  1. so are you done with reading the book? I was half way through before I left it…u are right..its written terribly which is kind of sad because the stories need to be told.

  2. I found the book – Anne Frank’s Diary while shopping the other day but since I’ve watched the documentary didn’t really feel like buying that. 🙂

    But that and the Freedom Writer’s Diaries are supposed to be very moving books…very thought-provocative more like.

  3. Hmm…I have always wanted to read the Freedom Writer’s Diaries – but then I have always been a big sucker for ‘Teachers inspiring greatness in students’ kind of stores – To Sir, With Love, Remember the Titans – I loved them all!

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