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Rachel Getting Married


My first impression of this movie based on its cover and cast was that it would be a light hearted chick flick. Boy, was I wrong. Starring , Anne Hathway, ‘Rachel Getting Married’ is a docudrama that deals with issues like drug addiction and rehabilitation.

Kym ( Anne H) is a chronic drug addict who has been in and out of rehabiliation for the past 9 years. She gets a few days of leave to attend her sister, Rachel’s ( Rosemarie DeWiit) wedding. The story is very ‘slice of life’ – the focus being how Kym who tries to fit in with her ‘normal’ family who are always conscious of her illness and are watching her. Interesting relationships are potrayed – the overprotective dad who dotes on Kym even though she has disappointed them in several ways, the tender and deep bond between Kym and Rachel which has strains of tension due to the long separations and rivalry for their dad’s attention. The story gets interesting as more traumatizing family secrets tumble out of the closet.

Anne H was very convincing as a disturbed person in a dark place and though I dont have any sympathy for drug addicts , I could empathize with Kym’s struggle to live a normal life. Rosemarie D. acts beautifully and juggles the role of bride-to-be, loving sister and distraught daughter.

One thing that I found strange and was wondering about the whole Indian theme of the wedding – since neither the bride nor the groom , Sidney ( Tunde Adebimpe) were Indians. If there was a deeper message with all the rituals than I missed it – and its kind of strange cause I am an Indian myself.

Though not an entertianer and probably not the best movie on the subject, it is something that can be watched once.


Author: Vipula

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4 thoughts on “Rachel Getting Married

  1. It’s always fun visiting Vipula! We’ll have to put this movie on our list! Especially since it has an Indian wedding 😉
    You’ve opened my eyes now … and I shall pay closer attention

  2. Hey that was a good read and reminded me on the movie ‘When a man loves a woman’ the Meg Ryan one which I picked up thinking it was a romance flick and turned out to be one of alcohol abuse and addiction.
    I particularly liked that movie for the message and the dialogues.
    I guess this could be watched once at least

  3. Patty – Do watch the movie..but its going to be more thought provoking then entertaining.Yes but do give me your take on the Indian wedding

    Priyanka – hi! You know I dont remember the name of the movie that you are referring to but I know that Jack Nicolson acts a little crzy in that…

  4. I watched a similar movie titled “28 days” where sandra bullock plays the role of a drug addict at a rehab.

    After Princess Diaries and Devil Wears Prada…probably I couldn’t imagine Anne Hathway playing such a diversified role…maybe that’s partly the reason why I didn’t like this movie as much.

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