Shades Of Words


Afghanistan, Australia and United Kingdom

As part of my Lost in Translation  project I am striking of the following three geographies of my list.

Afghanistan : The Kite Runner , Khaled Hosseini Birlliant storytelling – must read for everyone. Our review is at




Australia – 48 Shades of Brown , Nick Earls A funny coming age of story based in Australia. Not one of the best written but definitely a good light read. Our review at




United Kingdom – The Code of the Woosters, PG Wodehouse Needs no introduction – probably most representative of wry British humour – if you havent read Wodehouse then you haven’t laughed. Really. Our review at



Lost in Translation

I have seen many fellow bloggers do this and I think its a great idea to expand my reading horizons. As a project for the year 2009-10 I plan to read a book from each country in the world. Some of the ground rules

1. It can be a translation or  be written in English by an author from the country in question

2. The book plot has to be based in the country

3. If I have read foreign authors in the last 5 years ( and not earlier) it is okay to count them as a part of the project. ( no..this is not cheating..after all I have read them, havent I?!)

4. The book can be fiction or non-fiction

The total number of countries in the world – 194 ! Well happy reading to me!