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The Revolutionary Paul Revere


For someone who has no knowledge of America’s freedom struggle, “The Revolutionary Paul Revere’, is fast paced biography that not only talks about one of the most important patriots but also educates the reader on the start of the American freedom struggle The focus of the novel is Paul Revere, who is probably most known for his role as the express rider, who on one very famous midnight ride , awoke every house from Boston to Lexington and informed them about the approaching red coats. The story starts from his birth of France and his move to Boston under the bounds of an apprenticeship. Paul Revere is an enterprising young man who not only excels in his craft as a silversmith but also manages to rise about his station and mingle with the gentlemen of his time. In his early youth, he gets involved with the masonic society in Boston and is soon participating in the local political meeting. These early years of iniitation ensure that he becomes a key participant in the freedom struggle at its peak I beleive that Joel Miller did a very good job of explaining Paul Revere role as a revolutionary, though, some more personal details and characterstics would have made for a more interesting reading. The best thing that I liked was how this book was a crash course in American history for me – Joe talks about the American freedom struggle as much as he talks about Paul’s role in it. He captures very well the first notions of dissent among the populace as newly established towns thrived inspite the various colonial laws and regulations. I learned of many famous patriot names – Sam Adams, John Hancock – which may be common knowledge to most Americans. I will be reading more on who these people were and what they did. Joel Miller’s writing style is simple and succinct. It never gets text-bookish. For me it was literally a page turner! However, as this book outlines a story almost 200 years old..use of slang language is jarring and out of place. I also feel that towards the end of the book, the writer has lost his steam and is trying to just finish off the last few chapters. This book was both educating and entertaining and I would recommend it to anyone with an interest in history.


Author: Vipula

Before talking about who we are, we’d like to tell you a bit about how and why Shades of Words came into being. It all started with the idea of “A place where we could share with likeminded people about things we enjoy. From books to music to movies to travel; Shades of Words was to be a place about the best of our experiences” We thought about why should anyone read us? The answer was that whatever we review would be a mix of our experience of the thing along with interesting and useful information about it. So in case you are reading us regularly or even checking us out once in a while then we have succeeded in our efforts someway somewhere. Who are we? Known as Kapil Sood and Vipula Gupta, we thought of Shades of Words on one fine Sunday afternoon. Tired of writing interesting RFP’s and project documentation; we decided to give this a shot. Yes! We work in Indian IT industry. Cupid struck us while were innocently slogging together on the highly intricate job of formatting and beautifying documents! And since then, we have been working together to establish Shades of Words as a place that we can claim as ours. (Because buying a house is still years away!) What else? Kapil also writes some blogs which you can read here and here.

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