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Dhan Te Nan


Ladies and Gentlemen, take a bow. Quentin Tarantino of Indian Cinema has arrived. And how!  With Kaminey, Vishal Bharadwaj weaves the familiar Tarantino-ish magic of black humour and gorgeous violence. Yes, I used the word gorgeous as an adjective to violence – because in film making that is possible and yet very difficult to achieve.


Kaminey is a milestone in the way movies are made in Bollywood. For starters, it doesn’t dumb down the story for the audience. Secondly, the way it is shot – the cinematography is far from the clean landscape beauty of commercial cinema. Instead the movie is shot in dark places, with handhelds, pretty shaky yet gripping. Thirdly, no one has ever dealt with the “judwa” theme like this in Bollywood, and I mean ever.

 The plot is complex. The movie takes around 20 minutes to establish all the characters and storylines. And as you are just starting to wonder – what on earth is going on – the movie kicks into its roller coaster ride.

 The plot in essence and in brief is as follows: Two identical brothers,   who hate the sight of each other, and lead very different lives suddenly find themselves in life threatening imbroglios. One, the straight forward college student has a pregnant girlfriend and her murderous brother to deal with. The other, a smalltime bookie and gangster, has stumbled upon loads of cocaine and is wanted by several mafia gangs. There are multiple plot lines that meet and separate throughout the movie and somehow all tie together in a hilarious and almost poetic end. Oh it is so brilliant!!

 Shahid Kapoor is brilliant in both his avatars, and is truly blessed to land a role like this. Priyanka Chopra does a very good modern day kaali wielding a burning torch in one scene and a machine gun in another. The whole supporting cast is absolutely fantastic in their roles.  My favorite performance was that of Amol Gupte as the slightly off the edge, don turned politician Sunil Shekhar Bhope. Every time he came on screen, I shivered with fear. All characters are unpredictable and that is what literally keeps the audience on the edge.

Kudos to the writers for such a brilliant script! I loved the use of different languages – that brought in so much authenticity to the mélange of characters that make the movie.

I am absolutely a huge fan of music in Bharadwaj’s movies. Omkara’s music made me weep. How can one man be so talented?

Gulzar’s lyrics are absolutely on the spot in the title song “Kaminey” and truly reflect the sentiment of the movie. And how can we not mention Dhan-te-nan – I don’t think it’s possible to hear this music and not head bang. I hear it in my car, literally everyday.

 It’s a must watch. No doubt about that.


Author: Vipula

Before talking about who we are, we’d like to tell you a bit about how and why Shades of Words came into being. It all started with the idea of “A place where we could share with likeminded people about things we enjoy. From books to music to movies to travel; Shades of Words was to be a place about the best of our experiences” We thought about why should anyone read us? The answer was that whatever we review would be a mix of our experience of the thing along with interesting and useful information about it. So in case you are reading us regularly or even checking us out once in a while then we have succeeded in our efforts someway somewhere. Who are we? Known as Kapil Sood and Vipula Gupta, we thought of Shades of Words on one fine Sunday afternoon. Tired of writing interesting RFP’s and project documentation; we decided to give this a shot. Yes! We work in Indian IT industry. Cupid struck us while were innocently slogging together on the highly intricate job of formatting and beautifying documents! And since then, we have been working together to establish Shades of Words as a place that we can claim as ours. (Because buying a house is still years away!) What else? Kapil also writes some blogs which you can read here and here.

5 thoughts on “Dhan Te Nan

  1. Highly recommended movie…Did you know that Dhan te Nan song was actually used in a TV serial on DD almost 10 years back. it never became a hit then.

  2. Its strange that I both liked and hated this movie…but yes it definitely is an off-beat and a well made film. As for the song, Kapil I don’t remember it et all.

    Btw love your new theme and header although its a bit short.

  3. @Kapil – I have never heard the music before but absolutely love it now
    @Zoya – well atleast you did like it in some way. There are people who had no clue what the movie was about . I like the new theme – was kinda bored of the old one

  4. Sounds like an interesting watch. Will have to check it out.

  5. Hi Cassandra, thanks for stopping by. I do recommend watching bollywood movies – they are awesome fun !

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