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California Demon

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Recently, I have become quite stressed out on what I should read. As I follow way too many blogs, it become even more overwhelming, to make sure I read what everyone else is recommending. So I decided a new way of reading books – I am going to forget about great writers and great books and things that everyone says I must read. I will just go the library and close my eyes as I walk in the aisles ( and hope I dont bump into people) and select my books.

I did this at me my last visit and came home with four books which I had never heard of..hmm..not sure how this will go.
Today I am posting the review of one of them  – California Demon(CD) by Julie Kenner.
CD is where chick lit meets fantasy fiction. Like all other chick lit its women oriented, funny with adequate amount of punch lines thrown in every few pages and has some semblence to a plot. The fantasy fiction part comes in where our heroine instead of being a shopaholic or glamorous elitist is a demon hunter. Pretty much like how the book tagline goes ” What if Buffy grew up and became a mom”
In brief about the plot, Katherine Connor, is a forty something mom, living in suburban California, who juggles two kids and charity work in the day and hunts demons in the night. No one knows about her night time activities except for her best friend, Linda and her confessor Father Ben. This obviously leads to some awkward moments with super busy husband Stuart who finds his wife missing from his side several nights. The main plot line is basic –  there are new demons around town, Katherine’s family might be in direct danger and the world is soon to be in peril if she doesn’t save the day. Which she does obviously..and no its not a spoiler. You know thats how it has to end.
For me the demon hunting part of the story made the book pacy but what was really fun was how Kate dealt with her toddler son,Tom and teenage daughter Allie. I am not a mom yet but I thought I thought women in general would be able to relate to the harried home make character of Kate. The writing is okay. The jokes sometimes fall flat. One phrase that really irritated me was ” Up to speed” – Kate is constantly filling up people about incidents on what happened in her day. I just dont have any rational explanation as to why this phrase irked me so much.
I did not like the whole demon related fantasy fic part of it either – whenever I read fantasy fiction I like to read about complex fantasy worlds with myriad plots and sub plots. The whole fighting a demon with holy water and steel knife on a California beach just doesnt cut it.
Verdict : A good one time read but can be missed.Nothing special. Julie Kenner however gets points for being imaginative with chicklit


Author: Vipula

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  1. Hmmm…I’ll be sure to give this one a skip 🙂 Thanks for posting it out.

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