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Eating Pizza in St. Louis

This post does not intend to be an all exhaustive guide to the best pizza’s found in St. Louis. I don’t even know enough about pizzas to write knowledgeably, but I sure do love them.  As pizza chains had not made in roads to India till the late 90s, my first slice of pizza was as very late in life, as a 9 year old in a Pizza Hut, in Bahrain. This outing was a very special treat promised to my sister and me. I still remember the flavor of the cheese, the crust and the toppings and it was as if a whole new world of possibilities had opened before me. I have never found that flavor again though I have eaten in Pizza Huts across the world by now.

Coming back to St.Louis, Pizza Hut still remains my favorite go to fast food pizza place. I know IMO’s is pretty popular locally, I personally find it very dry. For a more authentic experience two places that I have tried and I highly recommend are Pi Pizzeria and Dewey’s Pizza.

Pi Pizzeria is a slightly high end, sophisticated restaurant. Their starters as well as their pizzas are really good. I was very impressed by the freshness of the ingredients of their pizza toppings. The ambiance is very quiet and on weekends there is an average 15-20 minutes waiting. Their Manchester Road branch is more upmarket then the one on the Loop.

Deweys Pizza  – Large glass windows let you see how the pizzas are being prepared in this insanely popular eatery. Dewey’s is often considered the “best pizza” in town, however, the opinion is fairly divided between Pi and Dewey’s and one should really try both. I personally though the bases and the sauces were much better here as compared to Pi but the toppings left me underwhelmed. Dewey’s has also more kid friendly and easy-going attitude which can the make the place a little noisy and crowded. Dewey’s is located in Kirkwood which is a great place to hangout at any given day!


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