Shades Of Words



I was in a shock of total five minutes when our car left the Delhi airport driveways and hit the main road. Somehow, the state of the Indian traffic and the congestion had passed into deep recesses of my brain and it was pulled back into the front with a jolt. As our cab weaved in and out of insanely blocked lanes, my heart skipped a few beats. However, in a few minutes I could locate some system in the madness and my nerves calmed a bit. Even though I was taken aback, I was surprised to how less severe my reaction was.

I was back in India after being abroad in the United States for almost 3 years, and it felt good.  It was 40C at 1.00 AM in the night and we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Oddly, I felt alive and full of energy just like the chaos around me. I said so to my husband.

“You are suffering from jetlag” – sez him, ever the cynic.

Well, maybe so.

Of course, this is still Day 1 and I am absolutely kicked about everything – the sounds, the lights and the people. Not all of it is good and a lot of needs to change but I don’t feel the need to run away from it yet.