Shades Of Words


You know you have seen way too many movies when you can’t find one to rent. Just to keep track of whats been watched – I am starting this page.


1 – Who allowed this piece of s**t to be made?

2 –  Watch it at your own risk

3 – Time pass

4 – Good one time watch

5- Timeless classic


5 thoughts on “Movies

  1. Well I’m looking fwd to reading your reviews on the films. I’m surprised by how soon you ran through all the movies 🙂

  2. Yes..i don’t remember the movies that I have seen these year..hence this page

  3. Oh wow… this is done in a really interesting way. Nice

  4. He he he…

    Nice list… 4 comments out of 5!

  5. @kapil – thanks!
    @Joe – very funny…its a very short list…I think I watch way too many movies and just remember to put very ones out here

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