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Eating out in St.Louis – II

The Boathouse – What a lovely name ! Located on the bank of the lake in Forest Park, this restaurant is more than just a place to eat. It offers rental boats to paddle around the lake, a deck with rocking chairs where you can sip your beer and stare at the ducks flapping around the dock, and some live entertainment in the evenings. In the hot summers, you can choose to sit indoors in the air conditioned area for breakfast or lunch, but I would recommend having dinner in the evening, when the patio is softly lit and there is cool breeze coming from the lake.

The cuisine is standard American with some Italian on the menu. I think I ordered a pizza which was just okay. I have heard their sandwiches are pretty good and I may try that out next time. But really, The Boathouse, is for spending good time in a pretty place. Once you have had your meal, you can just sit in the rocking chairs by the dock and stare at the stars.

Food – Just about okay; Service-Efficient; Ambience – The reason why this place is so popular

 Mayuri  – Authentic Indian Cuisine

I generally dread eating in Indian restaurants when I am not inIndia. This cultural reinterpretation of what my cuisine should be like, can be pretty unnerving. Firstly there is no one Indian Cuisine – what is mostly served in restaurant is either “Spicy South Indian’ or/and  “Punjabi Mughal” which generally bypasses a lot of unique dishes and flavors of central, western and eastern India.  The other issue with the food that you get in Indian restaurants is that its really the  “high on spice and oil” version of what people actually eat in an Indian home. Trust me, if  the only experience that you have had of Indian food is an a restaurant, then get an invitation to an Indian home and see what they eat – you will be pleasantly surprised.  So when I try to experience “ true Indian cuisine”  in theUS, I limit my expectations to hoping to eat food that is similar to what is served in restaurants back home. What I mostly get, is the sweetened, spiced down and dare I say, tasteless version of most curries. There are only or two Indian diners that I really like in St. Louis– Mayuri, being one of them.

It serves a reasonable variety of North and South Indian cuisine in all its greasy glory. The lunch buffets have a tremendous variety, but I think ala carte has better quality. I have eaten there quite a few times and the food is always well cooked. I especially love the “chutneys” they serve if you order South Indian snacks like “dosas” and “idlis”. The only drawback of Mayuri is the ambience and service which is quite similar to the chaos of a “bazaar” in India and looks out of place in a dine-in, air conditioned restaurant in a US suburb. A popular choice for catering, Mayuri is a good place to take your non-Indian friends, provided they can stomach the grubbiness of the place and the greasiness of the food.

Food – Pretty Good; Service – Polite but not sophisticated; Ambience- What ambience?

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