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I’ll be back before midnight

There are plays that are a social commentary on the past or the present, then there are plays that are witty and intelligent using their razor edged lines to make sharp cuts in your mind and then there are plays that are just for fun.

“I’ll be back before midnight” does not promise to be anything than your average edge of the seat thriller and it succeeds in that promise. A remote house, quirky neighbor, nervous wife, incest, paranoia – are all essential ingredients of this creepy story.  The soundtrack keeps the audience on their toes, and there are enough gasps and screams to keep everyone engaged. [We happened to attend a performance with an unusually high number of seniors and were constantly worried if the shocks too much for them!]

The plot in brief – Greg moves out to a remote country house so that his wife, recovering from a nervous breakdown can receive rest. The nature of her illness is not fully disclosed. The only company that she has is in the form of old farmer in the neighbouring property who though kind hearted excites her nervous imagination by telling her ghost stories. This party is soon joined by Greg’s sister Laura. Things start getting really spooky in and around the house at this point. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away but yes there are dead bodies and there are hauntings – enough to keep you engaged through the 2 hours of the play. So if this play is ever in town and you are just looking for a fun night out – do check it out.