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Smallville – Metamorphosis & Hothead

Metamorphosis – This episode marks the “Lana in distress” and “meteor infected villains” string of episodes which become a trademark for the first few seasons of Smallville. As I re-watched this,  the first thing that I  noticed was that Clark floats in the episode. Now we have been watching this show for ten years and waiting for him to fly – not leap or jump or hop – but fly! And he did it subconsiously so early on !
So the basic plot line is fairly simple – a frustrated high school student, who is obsessed with bugs who and does a spiderman when bitten by bug infected meteor rocks. He is in love with Lana and gaining these heroic powers makes him think that he is entitled to her affections.
In this episode we see Lionel’s first appearance. Its clear that his tough love stance with Lex has only distanced Lex from him who really craves for some compassion and human connection. Lex really wants to be away from the shadow of his father and make a difference in Smallville. Its also kinda cute to watch him earn Clark’s friendship by trying to hook him up with Lana – but you begin see hints of darkness when he says things like – “Love is power”
One of the pivotal developments in this episode was Clark’s discovery his only weakness – Green Kryptonite! Its only episode 2 and things are moving quite fast in over all story arch which is the reason the show did really well it was aired.
As I watch these early episodes I am quite astounded by Tom Welling’s range of acting – he really did a good job at that time. Somewhere between season 5 & 7 , he lost his talent and looked quite bored. Don’t blame him – being at the same job can be for five years can be daunting. Before I became a hard core Clois shipper ( and that would be the first episode of season 4) , I actually enjoyed the whole Clark and Lana thing. They looked really great together. There were certain things however, about the relationship, that I did not like – Clark trying too hard, Lana smiling way too much.

Dialogs that I loved
Lex to Clark ( lovely foreshadowing) – “Saved any lives on your way over? You could make a career out of it”
Clark to Chloe – “Chloe, I can never outgrow you – except vertically!” ( What a remarkable comment on their frienship!)
Bugboy’s response to Whitney’s threat to keep away from Lana – “Sometimes you are the windshield sometimes you are the bug”
( wicked!)

Hothead – In yet another freak of the week episode, the obsessed-with-winning high school coach develops superpowers to ignite stuff by inhaling meteor smoke ( how??). Nothing worth remembering in this episode except that Clark finally gets to join the football team after a really tense argument with his father ( lovely scene acted out really well by both Welling and Schneider). The last scene where Lana and Clark scream in an empty field is heartwarming – the first indication of a friendship between them. The identity crisis that Lana felt was unrealistic and over the top – I could not find myself empathizing with her. This episode was definitely among the weaker ones of the first season