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Lucifer: Devilish Detective Show

Let me begin by being upfront about this – FOX’s new show “Lucifer’ is nothing but  guilty pleasure entertainment. Its average though stylish TV that often rises above the mundane due to its sharp script and brilliant casting. The show is based on DC comics by the same name that I am completely unfamiliar with, so I did not have any preconceived notions on what to expect before I watched the show.

The premise is intriguing. Lucifer (Tom Ellis), the fallen angel, rebels against his given life as the devil, and comes to earth to find himself. This infuriates his father, God and he sends Amenadiel(D.B Woodside), his brother angel to bring him back to hell. This existential journey that Lucifer undertakes on earth forms the long arch of the show. The more day-to-day existence of Lucifer is tied in running his very hip LA bar with the help of his personal demon, Maze and helping Detective Chloe Decker(Lauren German) of LAPD solve murders with his powers. Mortals love to confide in him and spill their secrets. I love fantasy fiction and murder mysteries so this show is the perfect poison for me. The Pilot introduces the main cast of characters and sets up the team of the crime fighting duo. The initial few episodes seem light as the focus is on introducing key players . The murders of the week are mostly meh. I personally enjoy the aspects that focus on Lucifer’s self discovery – his conversations with Dr. Linda Martin ( his therapist, yes you read that right, its LA – even the Devil has a therapist) and his brother Amenadiel are always revealing. Ofcourse, every good story needs a good villain and we get one in the form of Malcom, a corrupt cop who has been brought back to the dead with the express purpose of killing Lucifer and sending him back to hell.

The show finds strong footing in the middle of the season with “Favorite Son”,Wingman” and “A Priest Walks into the Bar”. All of these are heavily focused on the theological and fantastical aspect of the show. These are the episodes one connects the most with Lucifer’s dilemma of being forced into a role that he did not want, of always living in his father’s shadow. There is a lot of potential for the show to grow as it explores themes of humanity and redemption.

Tom Ellis ( of Miranda fame) brings a whole of swagger and depth to the character of Lucifer. He literally lights up the screen with his good looks and charm. He is also get some of the best lines on the show – both witty and emotional which he delivers flawlessly. There are moments when Lucifer’s smugness can be borderline annoying, and that’s where the character of Chloe Decker (played brilliantly by Lauren German) grounds the script. The thing that I like about German’s performance is that even with her supermodel looks she is able to pull off this intelligent, focused and homely single mom role with such sincerity. Her acting seems effortless. It’s fairly obvious that Chloe is the eventual romantic pairing for Lucifer but what’s really amazing is that there is no angst and will-they-won’t-they drama that drives viewer crazy. Their friendship and admiration for each other is established early on and there is no need for cryptic dialogues and hints. Affections are expressed honestly and maturely. One of the big things that we are all waiting for is when will Chloe realize that Lucifer is the devil. Again, Lucifer being the devil is no big secret. He keeps telling everyone about it and often shows his true form – but most people have trouble accepting it. This is another refreshing take on how Lucifer is presented to the viewers.

The music on the show is wonderful – it forms a big part of creating the atmosphere. The first few episodes were heavy with songs referring to the “Devil” which was honestly an overkill, but they maintained a good mix of jazz with classic rock and roll. Ellis also sings a couple soundtracks, the most famous one being his performance of Nina Simone’s Sinnerman in “Favorite Son”. You can find the list of songs here here

Let’s be clear – there is a lot of good TV out there. This is not the best. But it’s really entertaining, fun and the full of super hot people :). It’s not a waste of your time.